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Soooo..., you wanna know a little about me, huh? My favorites, my looks, my shoe size? Well, you've come to the right place! Here I will tell you a little about me! This is an About Me page like no other!

Name: Jane Galloway
Nicknames: Mountain Blue, Jan, Janie, jane-u, Quisty, Tygrr-Eyz, Janie-pop, Instructor, Sam
Nationality: American
Age: 14
Birthday: January 21st. I'm an Aquaurius! Like that song...
Height: 5' 4 1/2"
Weight: Yeah right...
Hair: About elbow length. Dark brown with natural red and blonde highlights. Weird huh? They don't show up much though. The front highlights make it look a lot better. ^.^ I love it.
Eyes: Green. VERY green. Not even close to hazel. They have little gold flecks in them that make them look really pretty. When I wear my glasses they look more blue though.
Shoe size: 8 wide. (Yes, yes! Hail wide feet!)
Siblings: Three older sisters.
Part she likes best about herself: My eyes, my personality, my poems, and my art.
Part she least likes about her self: Everything but my eyes, my personality, my poems, and my art?
Anime counterpart: Quistis Trepe from FF8.
Real counterpart: Shinigami of course... my partner in crime.
Anime VERY look-a-like: Quistis Trepe from FF8.
Twin friend: Shinigami!
Likes: Writing poems, drawing, cheese, chocolate, anything purple, cats, DDR, and anime.
Dislikes: Bums, dogs, bugs, chores, and homework.
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, DDR ... well... mostly writing my poems, playing DDR and drawing.
Hidden talents: I can sing. I am also the only one in my family (with the exception of my sister who is learning) who is html knowledgable.
Favorite book: Circle of Three: Tales of the Nine Charms.
Favorite animal: The tiger and the cheetah.
Favorite movie: *LORD OF THE RINGS*, Spiderman, Vertical Limit, Rush Hour 1 and 2, X-Men, and Super Mario Bros.
Favorite actor: Sean Astin! Sean Astin! He played Sam on Lord of the Rings and played Mikey on his classic, The Goonies.
Favorite actress: Cathrine Zeta-Jones, and Kirsten Dunst.
Favorite cartoon: Rurouni Kenshin or Gundam Wing. It's real close!
Favortie TV show: Invader Zim
Favorite anime: OMG... I can't even count...
Favorite bishonen: Duo and Heero and Kenshin. They all tie. ^_^;;
Favorite band: Juliana Theory and Hoobastank.
Favorite music artist: P!nk and Megumi Hayashibara.
Favorite CD: Anything I've burned... ^.^
Favorite songs: 8th MS Team Opening, Eyes On Me, and White Reflection.
Fears: Spiders, myself, moldy cheese, and that DDR will be banned.
Weird stuff: 3 people in my family have the same birthday.
Scary stuff: When I dream... I see the future. Also, when I'm really pissed off... I feel no pain. Believe me, I've tested this theory in several ways. I can practically read my friends' minds...
Motto: "No... please... not the arcade AGAIN!!(Only one person would know...)
I REMEMBER THE DAY I GOT SCARRED! (Again, inside joke)
Can I getta W00T W00T?!?!

Fun and Interesting Facts!



~People tell me I laugh like a seal.
~People tell me I laugh like my sister, who laughs like a seal.
~Once I actually got stuck in a wet paper bag.
~Whenever I own a pet it dies within the month.
~I change my accent in the southern states just to make fun of them.
~Sometimes they actually believe I'm from the south.
~I've been told that I look like every single member of my family at least once. (Including my father.)
~My dad calls me Mo...my mom calls me Jay.
~My memory is EXTREMELY short. I can't remember what I had for breakfast without thinking about it first.
~My mom actually knows what anime is thanks to me.
~I once kept a goldfish for a whole year.
~My fishie's name was Fish.
~One time I managed to do something stupid and get embarrassed on EVERY ride at an amusement park.
~When I start to laugh, I can't stop for hours.
~I plan to dye my hair fluorescent green when I get older.... all of it.
~The only other place I've been in the world besides NY is Arkansas.
~I LOVE spending a lot of time by myself. (Yes, I have lots of friends!)
~I am so scared of bugs that once I actually spent the night on the couch because my room had a moth in it.
~My memory is EXTREMELY short. I can't remember what I had for breakfast without thinking about it first. Oh, wait, I already mentioned that.... (SEE!!)
~I know an unusually large sum of Japanese.
~I talk VERY loud in school and at home. Same with the laugh.
~My mom is very afraid to let me grow up.
~One time my cousin forgot who I was.
~One time my cousin accidentally pulled out a handful of my hair at one time...and it didn't hurt.
~My sister beats me up on a daily basis.
~I have bad luck with pets. My dad gave me a kitten once and it used my hand as a scratching post.... and never learned not to.
~My favorite kind of show is cartoons. I LOVE cartoons.
~When I get really hyperactive I run into walls, and yell and laugh uncontrollably.
~I am so lazy that I can't even get up without trying.
~I forget so much that I rarely remember what I said myself.
~I have a tendency to wrinkle or scratch my nose every three seconds.
~Me and Shinigami plan to go to Japan when we get older.

The Story Behind the Names...

Wondering where all these bogus names came from? Want to know why the hell does nobody does nobdy call me Jane? Well you've come to the right place! I don't know either, most of these names were given to me without me knowing. Now you know how ... strange... my friends and I really are. Anyway, on to the stuff...

1.) Tygrr-Eyz - This one I made up myself a long time ago. Possibly the oldest nickname still in my possesion. Nobody actually calls me this outside of the internet, but its pretty common between me and my internet friends.I can't remember where I got the idea for this one though. ^_^;; Gomen!

2.) Jan - Oh, geez... this one was MUCH against my will. This one started around January, about 2 or 3 weeks before the play ( Grease ) was performed. It all started when this kid Owen, who played Roger, accidentally called me Jan, every day. Even though I told him it was Jane, he still called me Jan. Then Chris ( Doody ) started doing it... and on it went from there.Then when people found out it was Jane, they stopped. But a few very close friends from the play, about 3 or 4, started calling me Jan to annoy me. Even though they KNOW I ABSOLUTELY HATE being called Jan, they insist on doing it. Jan still lives on! Ugh... friends...

3.) Janie - Not to hard to explain. Its basically a family pet name, one that I particularly prefer to be called. Only a handful of my friends call me Janie, but I like when they do. Just a regular nickname.

4.) Jane-U - Japanese anyone? Yep, this one came up from my Japanese loving friend Shini, who decidedly started calling me that one day. I don't really notice it that much anymore, she rarely calles me that anymore. No she's gotten even more into Japanese now and forgets to call me that. Now she calls me....

5.) Quistis / Quisty - ...Quistis. Yep, that's what Shini calls me! I personally love this nickname. She gave it to me because I have a striking resemblance to Quistis from FF8. Ok, here's the scenario... For a Halloween dance at my school, I was over her house and was getting ready. I was putting up my hair, and to my surprise, she comes into the room and yells "Oh my god! Jane! You look like Quistis!" I looked into th mirror, and surprisingly enough, she was right! I happened to put my hair up exactly the way she does. On Monday of the following week, we realized I have the same glasses as her too! And on and on it went with the resemblance... I absolutely love being called Quisty. Since I don't really like my real name, this is cool. Quistis rocks!!

6.) Janie-Pop - Umm, this is all Moony's fault.She's a friend of mine, and she just decided to call me this one day. Me, her, and a few other of our friends were waiting outside the school, and she just suddenly yelled out "Janie-Pop!!!!" Apparently its from a song of some sort, and now her and 2 other of my friends insist on singing the name Janie-Pop whenever they see me. Another one I absolutely can't stand to be called. I'd like to hear that song...

7.) Instructor - Instructor Quistis Trepe! *salute* Yep, thats actually part of Quistis. In Final Fantasy 8, she is an instructoe at a school thingy called Garden. Yet another that my good friend Shini gave me. Sometimes when she sees my she says "Instructor Trepe!" and gives me a salute. She even waits for me to say 'at ease'. Yep, definately cool.

8.) Sam / Samwise / Gamgee - Woohoo!! This one I DEFINATELY like!! I'm the one that told Shini & friends to call me this. I have a obession with Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings ( An AWESOME movie! I saw it 8 times! ) an Sean Astin, who plays him. Everyone I know has an obsession with Legolas... no comment. You're all pathetic if you're swooning over Legolas right now cuz he's hot. Anyway, Shini will call me like, "Gamgee! Get your but over here!" or somehitng like that. And I really don't mind if its a boys name. "I ain't been droppin' no eaves sir, honest!"

9.) Mountain Blue - One day me and Shini were at the mall, playing DDR, and I went with her to et a drink. She asked the lady for Mountain Dew, so I said "Since when do you drink Mountain Blue? *pause* Erm... Mountain Dew?" Shini: *Bursts out laughing* "Mountain BLUE, Quisty? Mountain BLUE?" *still laughs* So from then on, I've earned the name Mountain Blue.

10.) Spew Woman - Eh, this one kind of offends me. Well, oen time we were at our lunch table, and my friend Andrew was playing with this lump of clay he stole from the Art teacher. Well, he was so funny, I was drinking a Snapple and he made me laugh so hard that I spewed Snapple all over my backpack and binder. Andrew and Shini yelled out "Spew woman!".... and it kind of stuck since then.

Whelp, thats it! If I have anymore I'll be sure to post them! If you are a friend of mine and remember a name that I don't, remember to tell me. Jaa peoples!

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