1.) Do people at school or work call you weird?
Only the people that hate me.

2.) Do you take it as a compliment and thank them?
Hey, can't deny the truth!
Of course not! Thats a terrible insult!
*shrug* I don't even say anything.

3.) Have you ever watched a certain series/type of movie all night/for more than 6 straight hours (e.g. anime, Bruce Lee, Star Wars, etc)?
6 hours? Thats nothing. ^_~
Why would I waste 6 hours on THAT?
Sometimes, if I'm in the mood.

4.) Have you ever contemplated the sex lives of cartoon characters (e.g. the cast of Scooby Doo)?
Sure, it's fun sometimes.
No, why the hell would I want to?
If the show interests me, I wonder sometimes.

5.) Do you own any books/comics/manga in a language you can't read?
They come in English?
No, I would like to know what they're saying.
Some, some are in English, too.

6.) Do you make it a point to laugh out loud during sad/emotional scenes in movies just to piss off other people in the theatre (e.g. When Stickboy turns into a popsicle in Titanic)?
You bet! Thats the best part of watching sappy movies! Buwahaha...
No, thats rude!
If I don't fall asleep before, sure.

7.) Do you regularly dye your hair colors not found in nature?

8.) Have you ever worn a cape in public?
Yeah, those things are wicked!
Cape? You mean like a jacket?
It's kinda heavy, I only wear it sometimes.

9.) Do you decorate your clothing with non-decorative objects (e.g. safety pins, duct tape, etc)?
Wanna see my pants? ^_^
Eeww, no! i don't want to ruin my clothes!
I got a few safety pins here and there.

10.) Do you never take your sunglasses off...no matter if you're inside or if it's midnight?
I forgot my eye color.
No, I only use them when its sunny.
If I feel like takin' 'em off, I do.

11.) Have you ever spent more than 8 consecutive hours online?
Yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh. :D
Online? What is 'on-line'?
Only if there are people I wanna talk to.

12.) Have you ever ordered diet water at a restaraunt?
You should have seen the look on the waiters face!
No, thats ubsurd!
No, but that doesn't sound like a bad idea. *snicker*

13.) Have you ever formed your own religion?
Yeah, it was fuuuun. >D
No, I'm already Catholic.
You think I'd get up off my lazy ass to do that?

14.) Have you ever formed your own religion and have had people convert to it?

15.) Have you ever invented your own language?
Uv luinca E ryja.
I'm having a hard enough time with English.

16.) Can you speak and write it fluently?
I can barely write English.

17.) Have you ever made up a slang word?
Slang? I don't know what that means.
Sure, but I don't really use it.

18.) ...and heard a stranger use it at a later time?
WooT! WooT!
OTHER people use slang?
Nah, I keep it within my friends.

19.) Do you enjoy learning bizarre phrases/insults in foreign languages?
Bakayarou. *snicker.snicker*
*gasp!* I don't use naughty words!
...I'm having a hard enough time with English.

20.) Do you have over 10 nicknames, all of which you will answer to?
Hell yeah, I can list 'em all if you want.
I answer to my REAL name, thank you.
I have nicknames, but not over ten of them.

21.) Do you like to give people cards on their birthday that say things like "congratulations its a boy!" and sign "happy thanksgiving" on the bottom?
Yeah, my mom went white when she saw it!
No, thats so mean!
If I'm drunk, it's happened.

22.) Do you like to move "caution wet floor" signs to carpeted areas?
I like to stand back and watch people slip. >D
Now why would I do that?
A few times, but I was bored.

23.) When on the phone, have you ever asked to be put back on hold because you liked the music?
Can you blame me? It was a good band!
I like to actually speak to the people.
I wouldn't waste my breath.

24.) Do you collect something strange (e.g. plastic flowers, old paint cans, free internet cds, etc)?
Chewed gum! I stick 'em all under my bed.
I collect bottle caps.
Collect stuff? Feh, b.o.r.i.n.g.

25.) Have you ever sat in your front yard pointing a hair dryer at passing cars to see if they slow down?
Unfortunately, it didn't work...
Absolutely not! That would waste electricity!
You actually think I blow dry my hair?

26.) Do you often refer to "THEM" without specifying exactly what that is supposed to mean?
Them, them, them, them, them...
I like to refer who/what it is I'm talking about.
If they know what I'm talking about, sure.

27.) Have you ever made signs reading "please use other door" and put them on every door to a building?
*laughs evilly*
No wonder I couldn't get out of work that day!
I don't know how to write.

28.) Have you ever claimed to be invisible, picked things up and said "Whoo, this is floating around by itself!"?
I didn't 'claim', it was true!
Pfft, stupid.
I scared my litle sister half to death.

29.) Do you say "excuse me" when you bump into inanimate objects in public?
Yeah, it freaks people out. ^_^
Whats an 'inanimate object'?
I don't even say excuse me to animate objects.

30.) Have you ever superglued quarters to the floor at the mall, then counted how many people tried to pick them up?
In the arcade. It was hilarious.
So that's why I couldn't pick that quarter up..
Hm... good idea! *scampers off*

31.) Are you totally unable to ever resist the urge to run up the "down" escalators?
I can resist it easily.
Why don't just go up the 'up'?

32.) Do you compulsively move sharp objects so the blade/tip is pointing away from you because of some strange fear that they will attack you?
No, sharp objects are fuuuuuun.
Eeep! Yes, they scare me!
If the person next to me is a murderer, yeah.

33.) At any point while taking this test, did you read a question and think "what a great idea!"?
Some of them.