Group Wallpaper

Wallpaper will pop up in a new window. Take anything you want.

Duo and Heero closeup. YAOI! YAOI! ^_^; hehe, sorry.

A Zechs and Duo paper. Why is THAT in here? Dunno, it just looks.. cool.

The Gundam boys in formalwear. *Warning* Relena-the-man-whore alert!

Oh my god... *faints*

The boys in school. Relena alert!

Yaay! more Duo and Heero yaoi-y goodness! O.O

... and more! WOOHOO!

The boys walking somewhere with a motorcycle. Duo and Heero look so hot in this one... Relena alert!

Yaay! 3x4! Trowa and Quatre playing their instruments.

Wow. An absolutely gorgeous wallpaper of Duo and Heero's faces in feathers.

The boys at a party. Duo being cute as usual. Relena alert!

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