Quotes. There are a lot of them, as you can see. Use them all as you like.

Duo's Quotes

The God of Death has returned from Hell.

DIE! Anyone who see's my true form shall DIE!

Don't keep making me repeat myself! It's not good for my health!

If Solo's with me, then we'll be Duo.

Hey...I wonder what real peace is...

You're going with me to Hell!

Don't you just admire my ability?

For the peace of the colonies, I'd gladly become the God of Death.

Right now, I'm the only friend you've got pal, so trust me.

I know this may sound corny, but you've gotta trust me.

Actually, for the God of Death, a dark future seems the most appropriate.

Don't push me if you want to live long.

Count on it, I'll be there.

From the look of things, you must be the bad guy here...

Hey, wait a I'm the bad guy!

You could have told me you were sleeping. (To sleeping Heero)

Don't let it bother you. We're used to having our asses kicked all the time.

For a quiet guy, you're putting on quite a show.

Forgive me for interrupting!

Well excuse me for being a mere mortal!

I am sooo uncool...

Damn, we're going to be defeated

We must be stupid!

You don't have the skill to be my enemy

Hey you! I'm calling you!

You need parts to fix it, not like you and your leg!

Hey! Your really gonna shoot me!

Damn, your so single-minded it amazes me!

You and I are after the same thing here.

God damn you to Hell!

If we weren't idiots, we wouldn't be soldiers.

Anyone who see's me has got a date with his maker!

But...I'm a guy...

We've gotten good at these losing battles.

Let's just take the weapons and war itself along with us to Hell.

Deathscythe, the angel from Hell

Anyone stupid enough to get near me dies!

God of Death, huh? Much better than a hero who's a mass murderer.

Boys don't cry!

Hey, Wufei, I'm lonely. Keep me company till the end.

You'd better come up with some better way to kill yourself than that (After Heero jumped out of the hospital window)

I've had enough! Who else sets his own broken bones? Please, I just had my lunch.

The great destroyer will be back once more, but right now, I need some sleep...

Wars take too many lives away. People never forget the grief, but they also never stop the fighting. Streams of blood and tears are only an ornament for their destructive ritual.

Oh, man, Quatre loves to blame himself for everything if you let him. Sooner or later, he'll start saying that because of his lack of effort there's no air in space.

A while ago, when the peace leader, Heero Yuy, was assasinated, The colonies lost their smiles. I have been trying to get them their smiles back. But now, all of a sudden, they dont want their smiles back anymore.

If that was a joke, it sucked. Buf if it was sarcasm, that was worse.

Shut up! Do you want me to shoot you?!

Looks like I'm back to being the God of Death.

He runs...he hides...he does everything, but he never lies...Duo Maxwell.

Heero's Quotes

There's no room for pacifism in my mind. Gundams are for fighting.

I will keep on fighting. That is my resistance.

Self destruction. It's not a bad idea.

You can't die yet. Not until you find Trowa. (To Quatre Rabera Winner)

My enemy is anything that stands before me and tries to kill me.

I don't believe in God.

Everyone who fights is my enemy.

Where? Where is my enemy?

I will deafeat my enemy.

My enemy is in space.

The actions you take will atone for your sins against space.

You're going to self-detonate? That's not a bad plan either...

Mission accepted.

Peace is nothing but a result of war.

You're in over your head.

When nothing makes sense, I'll fight believing only in myself.

Life is cheap... Especially mine.

Finally everything is finished. Mission complete.

Quatre, I can see my enemies clearly now. If you become my enemy, I'll destroy you.

I'd be better off if she died, wouldn't I?

I'll eliminate all obstacles.

The people who try to kill me, and the people who fight against me, are my enemies.

I destroy crazy people.

Stop it, stop it, stop it! Shut up, Epyon!

I'm not a pacifist.

There's nothing wrong with acting on your emotions.

I've been counting on your skills right from the start.(to Duo)

Wufei, hit your self-detonate button!

Mariemaia is dead... I... I won't kill anymore... I don't have to kill anymore...

If she dies, the World Nation and this false peace will disappear. Relena, I'll destroy you.

I'll kill you.

Relena's too caught up in her ideal world.

It's your country. You can do what you want.

We mustn't fight each other, it isn't right.

This is where everything started. My code name, Heero Yuy. I was given one mission, to destroy OZ.

You can't afford to get killed at this stage of the game, not until you find Trowa.

Unlike Quatre, I don't see much sense in protecting this country.

People can't live without hope.

...on my side?

A failed mission means death but my card hasn't come up yet.

I screw up big time..I scrrew up......

You're in the way! Get lost! [to Relena]