Why I Would Make a Bad Gundam Pilot

Why I Would Make a Bad Gundam Pilot

1.) I tend to be too trigger-happy. Man, if I ever got a hold of one of those Gundams... They would never get it back. "Oooooo, what's this button do?!" *presses, destroys Tokyo...* I bet I could do a better demonic laugh then Quatre OR Heero…

2.) I'm not sure the pilots would appreciate having a another happy-go-lucky pilot on their team. I mean, isn't one Duo personality enough?

3.) "Can I destroy the world? Huh? Huh? Please?! PLEASE?!?!"

10) Really big boom.
9) Get to kill everyone.
8) Burning fires light up earth like Christmas tree.
7) Boiling seas like hot tubs.
6) Whore of Babylon a total babe.
5) Get to watch moon turn to blood - Cool!
4) Ravaging demons - 'nuff said.
3) Bio-plagues turn people funny colors.
2) Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Party animals! (Chug it! Chug it!)
1) Heart-to-heart talks with C'thulhu before he eats you

4.) I would be tempted to smell – yes, smell – Duo's hair. C'mon, I gotta know what shampoo he uses! Actually... I would be tempted to do that to ALL of their hair. I mean come on, I gotta find out how Trowa keeps his hair like that!

5.) I'm fricking lazy. All the other pilots would be out there, defending the world, and this is me... laying on the couch, asleep, with the TV on, spilled bag of cheese doodles on the floor...

6.) I'd be tempted to glomp Duo and Heero every second. I'd probably do it, too. o_o

7.) I'd have to find out.... Are they REALLY gay?! I mean, com'on, you KNOW you're all curious. I have my ways of finding out...

8.) I would have to have a few arguments with Wufei... annoy him about justice. "Why is it so important?" "What if I did this?" *poke poke* "Ooo, can I play with this?" *steals sword* Although since I'm a girl, I'd have to be worried about him slapping me.

9.) I'd be the pilot that would install a CD player in her Gundam, and blast it so's I couldn't hear my orders. Maybe like, Endless Waltz, or maybe Rhythm Emotion!

10.) I ramble a lot... can you tell? I think even Duo would have a hard time keeping up with me.

11.) I have a tendency to um... how shall I say this.. argue? Anything anyone says, I'd have to one-up them. That would give me a HUGE problem with Heero and Wufei...