Why I Like Duo x Heero

Well, they are a very interesting couple. I mean, not a lot of people like yaoi, especially guys, so I decided to make a web page about my favorite Gundam Wing yaoi couple.

Anyway, so hereís the point. I like how their personalities clash. Heero is cold and unnerving, and he doesnít like to admit that he has feelings for people. Duo is talkative and lively, and tries to get Heeroís attention throughout the anime. (If you look closely.)

They would make a great couple, because Duo would be able to bring out Heeroís soft side. Spending time with Duo would definitely change Heeroís perspective on life. He would be able to let Heero have fun and enjoy himself.

That and I mean its obvious people. If you watch the anime you know how much time they already spend together, so how can you not notice that these two are a couple? Its like Trowa and Quatre. You know theyíre a couple, so why not promote the fact? Itís as simple as that. If you havenít realized this by now, then you obviously donít watch the anime enough.

And, do you know how many Japanese Duo/Heero mangas are out there? Believe me people, Iíve seen Ďem!

And they just look so KAWAII together!!!!

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