Gundam Fanfiction

All fanfiction will follow the codes in the table below.

FanFic Warning Color-Codes
General fics will be in the regular colors.
Lemon fanfics will have yellow warnings.
Lemon - Sex scenes.
Yaoi fanfics will have blue warnings.
Yaoi - Male/male relationships; explicit scenes.
Lime or shounen-ai fanfics will have green warnings.
Lime - Everything basically leading up to sex, but no sex.
Shounen-ai - Same as lime, just male/male.
Yuri fanfics will have light pink warnings.
Yuri - Female/female relationships.
FanFic Ratings
There is NOTHING in it, hardly even kissing...
There's a bit of love, if not romance then maybe a few curses.
My usual fanfic rating, for slight swearing, sometimes shonen-ai.
What I rate the limes. Why? Because usually there isn't swearing it them... just, well, limey-stuff...
For a bit heavier limes, and usually heavy swearing stuff.
Oh just GUESS what's in these.

Well, I only have one fanfic so far, and its not yaoi. ^^;; I'm in the middle of writing one as we speak, so be on the lookout for it.

Romance Fanfiction

Breathing By Wires by: Me
Rated R
Something happens to Hilde, Relena, and Duo's daughter. How will Duo and Heero take it?
Warnings: 1 x 2 YAOI

General Fanfiction

Gundam Boys vs. Justice Avenger by: Me
Rated PG
Comedy. What happens when Wufei is left by himself for too long.
Warnings: TINY BIT Shounen-ai. Q/T No sex, of course.