Gundam Boys vs. Justice Avenger

** Duo comes down the hallway bouncing a basketball. He finds Wufei talking to himself, or rather, his hand.**

Duo: *looks around* Who are you talking to?

Wufei: *hides his hand behind his back* I don't know what you're talking about Maxwell.

Duo: Anyway, wanna go play some? *Hold up basketball*

Wufei: No way. I don't play basketball.

Duo: *shrugs and leaves*


** Heero and Quatre are in a sitting room debating on war and peace. They spot Wufei talking to..... well, his hand. They peek out the door so Wufei doesn't notice.**

Wufei: We'll find justice! Justice in the name of my people! Isn't that right Justice Avenger? *makes little sock puppet nod*

**Heero and Quatre stand wide eyed. He was talking to a sock. A sock that had yarn glued to his head, beady eyes, and the letters "JA" on his forehead.**

Quatre: *whispers* Wufei is talking to......... a sock.

**Heero and Quatre step out. Wufei hides his hand.**

Heero: Too late. We saw the puppet.

Wufei: *blushes* I don't know what you're talking about.

Quatre: Yeah right! *grabs Wufei's hands. No sock puppet whatsoever.*

Wufei: *shocked* Justice Avenger where are you?!

Duo: *walks in sweaty from playing b-ball* (drool^_^) Hey guys!

**Little fuzzy thing runs across the floor, under the door into the sitting room.**

Heero: *points* Was that the.............Justice Avenger?!

Quatre: ...... a sock?........ that moves?!

Duo: *also saw it* But socks can't move!

Wufei: This one can! It's alive!

Duo, Quatre, Heero: *all look at each other*

**They open the door and go in the sitting room. Little fuzzy thing zooms under the couch.**

Quatre: It went under the couch. *gets on the floor, reaches under couch*

Wufei: *crying* Justice Avenger! *stamps foot* I WANT MY JUSTICE AVENGER!

Quatre: OW! It bit me! *gets up, rubbing the bite mark* Socks have teeth?

**"Justice Avenger" runs out from under the couch and back into the hallway.**

**They run out after it to see Trowa. By his feet, they see Justice Avenger, the sock, tugging on Trowa's, uh, . . . sock.**

JA: Let my people go! Free the socks! Justice!

Duo: *walks up to Trowa* Whoa..... cool! A talking sock! *he bounces the basketball and squashes the Justice Avenger. Little puppet guts ooze everywhere*

Trowa: Eeew! You got sock on my shoe!

Duo: *turning towards the others* Do puppets have guts? *all shrug*

Wufei: *crying, holding his crushed sock-friend* Oh no... *starts running*

Duo: Wanna go play basketball?

Heero: Okay.

**This leaves Trowa and Quatre alone. They embrace, kiss.**

~(The Next Morning)~

Trowa: Quatre, wake up.

Quatre: .................Wha? What!

Trowa: *blushing* You, uh, slept in.

Quatre: Oh, hehe. *sweatdrops*

**Quatre looks out from the sitting room (where he and Trowa ::AHEM::) and sees Wufei talking to himself, or rather, his hand.**

Quatre: Wufei no! *dives out the door and tackles Wufei*

Wufei: Quatre! Get off me! What are you doing?!

Quatre: *looks at Wufei's hand. Sees a walkie-talkie* Oh, hehe sorry. *gets up*

Duo: *walks in* Hey Wu-man, whatcha doin on the floor?

Wufei: ::sigh::...........

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